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ADHD Parenting Classes We are pleased to offer classes for the parents of ADHD kids.

Our next class is "BACK TO SCHOOL," Tricks and Tips for parents of ADHD kids.


Allison Payne will provide information and education to parents regarding implementation of organizational skills required for the school year and how to teach kids to make the right choices.

No baby sitting is provided.

Cost $25/couple.

On Saturday August 25, 2012, 1-2 pm.

Please call 972-428-7000 to reserve your spot






The ADHD Center of North Dallas provides a variety of testing services by highly qualified professionals.



Neuropsychological Evaluation A neuropsychological evaluation includes comprehensive neurocognitive testing to assess Attention, Executive Functions, Information Processing, Memory, Language Ability, Academic Skills, Motor Skills, and depression or anxiety by a qualified doctor. The evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses and help tailor individual treatment plans as well as identify co-existing medical disorders. This type of comprehensive evaluation is necessary for school IEP and 504 plans as well as for SAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT accommodations.


IQ Testing – In some situations, individuals need an official documented IQ score. We can provide this testing with or without any other services.


Academic Testing – It is a brief focused testing of academic performance. When needed, isolated testing of specific academic areas (such as Arithmetic, Reading, Writing, and Spelling) can be arranged. Typically, this testing would be performed as part of a Full Neuropsychological Evaluation.


ADHD Testing – It is a brief focused testing of cognitive abilities. When needed, isolated testing of cognitive functions directly impacted by ADHD (such as Attention, Executive Functions, Working Memory, Processing Speed) can be arranged. Typically, this testing would be performed as part of a Full Neuropsychological Evaluation. We also offer the testing including BRIEF (Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functions) and Conners CPT II independently to minimize cost.


Medication Management


Many children with ADHD benefit from medication which can improve focus, concentration, and alertness. Medication can also be useful for processing speed and working memory. There are a wide array of medications and choices available at this time. Our physicians are available to assess the special needs of the individual, perform a complete exam –including blood and cardiac work up-, and to both prescribe and monitor the effectiveness of medication.


Nutritional guidance will also be available from our physicians. Nutritional health is important for success in school. Media reports of all types of diets and food allergies as causes of ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities can be very confusing. At the Center we can provide information to help parents understand what is known and not known about nutritional supplements and diets.




Active working memory can hold several ideas or facts temporarily to modify or combine with other incoming or long term stored information. Working memory is an essential component of attention and concentration, which is critical to learning. The center provides the proven  Cogmed, for enhancing both verbal and visual working memory.


Basic Cogmed is a computer based training program used 30-45 minutes per day, 5 days a week. The training is dynamically adapted as the individual improves, for a total of 5 weeks. It is closely monitored with weekly follow-ups by our Cogmed coaches, including Dr Valerie Ramirez and Dr Farah Naz MD.Please visit the website www.cogmed.com for more information.


Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies


Individuals with ADHD and/or learning difficulties are faced with many trials and tribulations. And a person’s emotional state is a critical aspect of their functioning, as problems can result in additional distraction, less interaction with other people, and a loss of motivation. At the Center, our therapists are available to evaluate and address the emotional concerns which interfere with academic or workplace success and happiness.


Individual Therapy


When anxiety, depression, or anger is interfering with day-today life, therapy can result in great improvements. Research consistently shows that a combination of Individual Therapy and Medication are the most effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Therapy can also address other areas of concern such as sleep problems, social skills, low self-esteem, and relationship problems.


Play Therapy


For younger children, traditional Individual Therapy is not appropriate. The Center provides Play Therapy in which the child is guided and given incentives through music, pictures, games, and other resources to reciprocate socially and emotionally. Learning skills are integrated into the therapy. Key areas of intervention are social skills, self-calming, self-control of anger, and self acceptance.


Parent Interaction and Family Therapy


Sometimes parents need help teaching their child better ways of responding and behaving. We provide a specialized Parent Interaction therapy focused on improving Parent-Child interactions. Parents are observed through a one way glass window while interacting and playing with their child and then coached to enhance their preexisting skills. Additionally, Family Therapy is often helpful when one member’s behavior is negatively affecting the entire family. It can give all family members a sense of relief and regained control.


Sensory Integration Therapy


Sensory Integration Dysfunction is the inefficient processing of information received through the senses, which causes problems with learning, development, and behavior. Sensory Integration Therapy is a holistic approach to help build the neural networks necessary to better process information we receive from the environment.


ADHD Coaching


Students with ADHD and other learning disabilities have difficulty with time management, organization, strategy use and critical thinking. Improving these functions is critical to academic success and a better predictor of future success than a student’s IQ. An ADHD coach is able to help families with these day to day issues.


Academic Tutoring


Academic organization, study skills, time management techniques, test and notes taking skills, and tutoring to increase reading comprehension skills are among the areas Academic Tutoring can address. Individual areas of weakness in particular subjects can also be tackled. Tutoring is available both individually and in groups of up to 4 students at a discounted rate. This service will be uniquely tailored to the level and needs of the individual.