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Behavior Checklist for Adults


Please fill this form out completely. Select the number that indicates how frequently or how much each item describes you.


0=Never 1=Rarely 2=Once in a While 3=Often 4=Almost Always

- 1.) I am easily distracted.
- 2.) I don’t plan ahead: I’m impulsive.
- 3.) I make careless mistakes or have trouble paying close attention to details or make careless to details.
- 4.) I fidget (with my hands or feet) or squirm in my seat.
- 5.) I have trouble keeping my attention focused at work or during fun activities.
- 6.) It’s hard for me to sit still for long: I leave my seat when I am not supposed to.
- 7.) I don't listen when people speak directly to me.
- 8.) I feel restless.
- 9.) I have trouble following through on instructions and fail to finish things I started.
- 10.) I am noisy and have difficulty doing things quietly.

0=Never 1=Rarely 2=Once in a While 3=Often 4=Almost Always

- 11.) I have difficulty organizing tasks and activities.
- 12.) I am always on the go, as if driven by a motor.
- 13.) I avoid, dislike, or am reluctant to engage in work that requires sustained mental effort.
- 14.) I talk too much.
- 15.) I lose things necessary for tasks or activities (lists, pencils, cell phone, keys, books, tools, etc).
- 16.) I blurt out answers before questions have been completed.
- 17.) I have trouble awaiting my turn.
- 18.) I am forgetful in my daily activities.
- 19.) I interrupt or intrude on others accidentally.
- 20.) I am moody with a lot of ups and downs.

0=Never 1=Rarely 2=Once in a While 3=Often 4=Almost Always

- 21.) I say things without thinking.
- 22.) I didn’t achieve up to my potential.
- 23.) I have a tendency to be immature.
- 24.) I have feelings of guilt and regret.
- 25.) I’m not sure of myself.

0=Not at All 2=Somewhat 4=Very Much

- 26.) As a child I was unpopular, didn’t keep friends long, and didn’t get along with other children.
- 27.) Overall, I was a poor student or slow learner.
- 28.) I had trouble with mathematics or numbers in school

Checklist By Richard Cowles, PsyD. Designed for the ADHD Center of North Dallas 2009.